Scattered Sites

Scattered Site homes are a part of the Evansville Housing Authority’s Public Housing program. These sites provide housing for low-income families all across Evansville. If you’re interested in renting one of these homes, please review the criteria below.

Property Specifications

Applicant/Tenant Criteria:

  • Completed application tendered by applicant with no omissions
  • Background criminal history review (must be approved by EHA, FBI fingerprints if necessary/applicable)
  • Current/previous Landlord review by EHA
  • Personal/Character References tendered by applicant
  • Income/asset/employment verifications by EHA
  • Previous address/docket searches completed by EHA
  • Social Security card(s), birth certificate(s), picture ID verification(s) tendered by applicant. Complete INS information if applicant was not born in the United States for proof of citizenship.
  • Deductions for medical/childcare expense(s) as applicable
  • Utility company credit verification(s) as applicable
  • Meet income requirement as necessary (80% AMI for limit, $10.5k or $15k minimum annual income dependent upon program)

Contact Information

Address:1111 Cherry St.
Evansville, IN 47713