EHA is bound by HUD regulations, Indiana State laws, and other local requirements governing public purchasing. Thus, EHA procurement staff operates in accordance within the EHA procurement policy which has been created to comply within the guidelines of the appropriate purchasing rules, laws, and regulations for all EHA business transactions. All vendors must have a W-9 on file to be compensated for purchases.

Print Form W-9.  Completed forms may be emailed to


Micro-purchase procedure below $3,000: Only one quotation needs to be solicited if the price received is considered reasonable. Such purchases must be distributed equitably among qualified sources.

Small purchase procedure over $3,000, but not exceeding $50,000: No less than three offerers shall be solicited to submit price quotations. Award shall be made to the offerer providing the lowest acceptable quotation, unless justified in writing based on price and other specified factors. 

Please email us at if you would like to be contacted for quotation.


Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968, which recognizes that HUD funds are typically one of the largest sources of federal funding expended in communities, including those communities served by the Agency. Section 3 is intended to ensure that when a contractor has need to hire additional people as the result of receiving a contract from the EHA, preference must be given to low- and very low-income persons residing in Evansville, IN (Section 3 resident), or Section 3 business concerns.

The requirements pertaining to Section 3 apply only to purchases and contracts the EHA completes for work, the requirements of Section 3 DOES NOT apply to purchases or contracts the EHA completes solely for commodities or equipment; meaning, “no work provided, no Section 3 required.

Section 3 is race and gender neutral in that preferences are based on income-level and location.

Section 3 Brochure
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