Section 8 Tenant Information

Admission to Housing Choice Voucher Program

1 - Apply for the Waiting List

A person can apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List when it is open to take applications. When we decide to open the Waiting List, we will notify the newspaper and local agencies 30 days in advance of it opening. When it has opened anyone can come into the office to fill out an application. At the time the application is turned in the applicant will receive a receipt of application that will have the date and time of application on it. Applicants are put on the Waiting List by date and time only. Applicants are then responsible to update any address changes that happen while they are on the Waiting List.

Waiting List Change of Address »

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2 - Eligibility

The applicant will receive notice by mail that their name has come to the top of the list and on that notice an appointment will be set up for the applicant to come in for eligibility determination. At the eligibility appointment the applicant will fill out paperwork that is required to determine if the applicant is eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program. This process can take approximately 60 days to complete.

3 - Issuance of Housing Choice Voucher

Once the applicant has been determined eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher a letter will be sent to them stating they must attend Orientation. The letter will have the date and time of the Orientation they are to attend. At Orientation we will explain how the Housing Choice Voucher program works here in Evansville. A booklet will be given with all the Orientation information in it and all HUD required information. A Housing Choice Voucher will then be issued and the applicant will have 60 days to find a place to rent. If the voucher holder does not find a place within the first 60 days they can request a 30 day extension and they could ask for up to 2 extensions. This would give each voucher holder a total of 120 days to find a place to rent. If the voucher holder did not find a place to rent, the Housing Choice Voucher would expire and the applicant would be withdrawn from the program.

4 - Turning in Landlord Paperwork

Once the voucher holder has found the place they want to rent they need to complete the landlord paperwork with the new/current landlord and make sure that paperwork gets turned in the Housing Authority. We will then verify if the voucher holder is responsible for utilities that they would be able to get them in the voucher holder’s name. If the voucher holder is not responsible for utilities then we do not have to verify that information. The paperwork would then be given to the Inspection Office to set up the inspection of the unit.

5 - Inspection

Once the paperwork is received by the Inspection Office they will contact the landlord to set up the inspection on the unit. The voucher holder is told to stay in contact with the landlord to find out when the inspection is scheduled. The day of the inspection the voucher holder needs to call the landlord to find out if it has passed inspection. If the inspection did not pass, either the landlord can fix the problem and request a new inspection or the voucher holder can find a different place to rent. If the inspection passed, the voucher holder is now eligible to move into the unit.

6 - Move In

The voucher holder must get with the landlord to sign the lease and start moving in. Do not move into a unit or sign a lease until it has passed inspection. Assistance for the client will start the day they sign the lease after the inspection has passed. Once the paperwork from the Inspection Dept. is given back to the Admissions Dept. then the rent amounts will be determined. This does not happen before the inspection. The client and the landlord will then receive a letter in the mail stating what the client’s part of the rent will be and what the Housing Authority will pay. This letter will be mailed to the new address.